Credit: Lea Michele on Twitter Photo: HOT: Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles on January 29, 2012

Lea Michele’s (Rachel) friendship with her former Broadway co-star and longtime bestie Jonathan Groff (Jesse) is one of our very favorite things. The two have been close friends since starring as lovebirds Wendla and Melchior in the boundary-pushing musical Spring Awakening. They spend a ton of time together off-screen, and Jonathan rushed to Lea’s side this July when her boyfriend Cory Monteith (Finn) suddenly passed away.

Spring Awakening recently held a reunion in NYC, and Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the big event. Watching the video, it’s crystal clear just how close Lea and Jonathan are.

The two enter the building at the exact time, so it’s obvious they came together. Lea’s dressed very chic in all black with a wide-brimmed hat. She wears bright red lipstick and looks very much like a Hollywood star. Jonathan, in contrast, gives off a friendly, everyman vibe. He’s wearing a blue sweatshirt, a red coat, and a patterned grey knit winter hat.

But the two are inseparable. During interviews, they’re sitting right next to each other, appearing more as a unit than two separate people. They’re holding hands the entire time: fingers affectionately interlocked.

“This is where our love blossomed,” Lea says of the theater, where she and Jonathan made their off-Broadway debut. “Mhmm,” he agrees. “It’s where it was born.”

At one point, he stages a photo op by giving her a goofy, larger-than-life kiss on the cheek. Later on, Lea recalls a more emotional moment from her time on the show.

“It was a very hard show to do every night, emotionally. I remember one night coming off stage covered in sweat Jonathan’s, not mine [he snickers] in tears, probably some blood somewhere, and I just said, “Oh, I just want to do a comedy!”

“You don’t miss my sweat?” Jonathan teases her. Lea breaks down in giggles. Seeing the way these two interact is the best. Who wouldn’t want to have a friendship as close and special as they do?

Source: Entertainment Weekly