Credit: Lea Michele's Twitter Photo: Lea Michele Lounges in the Recording Studio on December 14, 2013

Glee star Lea Michele is on a roll lately, and there doesn’t seem to be anything slowing her down. Just last week the Glee star released “Cannonball,” the debut track from her album, Louder, due out later this year, and the song’s been such a worldwide success that Lea recently announced plans for another take on the inspirational tune.

Written after boyfriend Cory Monteith’s sudden death last July, “Cannonball” is about Lea finding the strength to live her life again without him by her side. On December 15 Lea tweeted, “Hard at work at @PulseRecording w/ @AnnePreven now lol.”

In this case “hard at work” means putting your feet up and looking at your phone, but we have no doubt that both ladies were working hard on something wonderful.

In fact, directly after the lounging tweet, Lea added another photo of herself and some others in the recording studio and wrote, “Recording a beautiful acoustic version of #Cannonball right now at @PulseRecording with the band!”

Credit: Lea Michele's Twitter Photo: Lea Michele Records a New Version of "Cannonball" on December 14, 2013

We love “Cannonball” as is, but an acoustic version of the track is bound to be that much more powerful. Lea performed the song as it is on her album on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, and the hit was first played on the radio today, December 16, on New York’s Z100. Lea has been open about how “Cannonball” helped her following Cory’s death, telling MTV News, “The minute I heard the song, I had a physical reaction to it. For me, it’s been my strength. I listen to it every day. I know it was brought into my life for a reason. It’s really been so helpful for me and I hope it’s the same for other people as it’s been for me.”

Do you think an acoustic version of “Cannonball” is a good idea, or should Lea just have one take on the song for now? Share your thoughts and theories below!