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It's official: We aren't the only ones who lip-synch along to Glee star Lea Michele's (Rachel) amazing new hit single, "Cannonball." In fact, one of Lea's Glee co-stars has posted a video of himself rocking out to the tune while in the car. Eyes on the road, buddy!

Lea released her first-ever solo single, "Cannonball," and the tune has been an instant success, as it became the first non-Glee song by a Glee cast member to make the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song is doing especially well internationallyKevin McHale (Artie), who is currently on vacation in Brazil, posted an Instagram video of himself driving with friends as the tune plays on their car radio.

"'Cannonball' on the radio in brazil!! @msleamichele," Kevin captions the video. 

We love how supportive Kevin is of all of his co-stars, and it's so cute that Kevin even lip-synchs along to the song. However, he might need to brush up on the lyrics, since he appears to be mouthing the wrong words. Still, it's the thought that counts. 

And now that we've gotten to see Kevin singing along to "Cannonball," it just reminds us how much we want to hear that song get performed on Glee!

Do you think "Cannonball" will ever be performed on Glee?

Source: Kevin McHale on Instagram