Credit: Twitter

Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel) is no stranger to appearing on magazine covers, as we doubt that you could ever go to a newsstand and not find her face staring back at you on the shelves. (Do newsstands still exist? Anyway, not the point.) Now, we're getting a glimpse at what she'll look like on an upcoming cover of Seventeen.

Lea had a busy weekend as she spent her time getting all dolled up and then posing for the Seventeen photo shoot. And she even posted some sneak peeks at the shoot. Thanks, Lea!

"Side braid by @marktownsend1 and hot pink lip by @melaniemakeup @seventeenmag," she captions one shot (seen above) of herself getting her hair and makeup done at the magazine's office on January 11.

Later, she shared a pic (seen below) of herself from behind as she gazes out the window with her hands on her hips. Gotta love those sassy black-and-white print shorts! "#STRIKEAPOSE @seventeenmag COVER SHOOT," she captions that one. 

Credit: Twitter

As you can imagine, Lea had a blast at the photo shoot. At the end of the day, she tweeted: 

We're thrilled for Lea and can't wait to see what the cover photo looks like!

What do you think of Lea's hair in the shoot? 

Source: Lea Michele on Twitter