Credit: Twitter

Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel) continues to pack more and more into her busy schedule, this time with a glamorous new L'Oreal commercial shoot. And joining Lea on the set was another beautiful starlet, proving that Lea was definitely not slumming it.

Lea signed on as the newest face of L'Oreal Paris in September 2012, and we've loved getting to see her beautiful and inspirational ads for the company since then. In fact, Lea has started filming another one this week!

Credit: Twitter

On January 13, Lea posted a photo (above) of herself sitting on the floor during the shoot while she gets touched up. "On set in #NYC shooting my new @LOrealParisUSA commercial! #BecauseYoureWorthIt," Lea captions the cute pic.

Lea also posted a photo taken during the filming of herself standing in the spotlight with one arm outstretched, as her silhouette can be seen on the ground next to her. "Shooting my new commercial!" she captions that pic. "So honored to be a part of the @LOrealParisUSA family. #BecauseYoureWorthIt"

And we don't blame Lea for being honored to be part of the L'Oreal Paris family, given that this "family" has quite the pedigree. Case in point: Lea posted a pic of herself posing at the shoot with fellow L'Oreal spokesperson Freida Pinto, known for such films as Slumdog Millionaire and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

"L'OREAL LADIES me and @BecauseImFreida @LOrealParisUSA," Lea captions the sweet photo (at right) of them. Two beautiful actresses are definitely better than one!

Source: Lea on Twitter