Glee star Lea Michele's (Rachel) career keeps getting hotter! She released her debut solo album, Louder, last month, and she is now in talks to voice a lead role in an upcoming animated film. Go, Lea!

The Wrap reports that Lea is close to signing a deal to voice the female lead in DreamWorks Animation's animated musical, Bollywood Superstar Monkey. Also set to voice a lead is child actor Rohan Chand, who currently stars opposite Jason Bateman in the ribald new comedy, Bad Words. 

The film's story follows two monkey brothers - one of whom would be voiced by Rohan - who team up to save a Bollywood star from a ten-headed demon king. But what movie these days isn't about monkeys fighting ten-headed demons, right? Although her deal has not been finalized yet, Lea would voice Pinki, the Bollywood star's pet monkey. 

Glee's cast members seem to be very popular for animated projects lately. Lea  who appeared in rom-com New Year's Eve  voices the title role in the animated film Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return, which hits theaters next month.

Meanwhile, Chris Colfer (Kurt) is set to voice a role in the animated film Robodog, while Darren Criss (Blaine) was recently added to the voice cast of a new Transformers cartoon series. Talk about music to our ears!

Does this movie seem like a good career move for Lea?

Source: The Wrap