We love every song on Lea Michele's (Rachel) debut solo album, Louder, and are especially fond of her emotional first single, "Cannonball." So we're thrilled that Lea is performing a new version of the song.

Lea released Louder last month, and the album has been a big success. "Cannonball" has proven to be a fan favorite, and she has performed the tune on various talks shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show. 

Now, Lea is sharing a video of herself in the studio performing a new take on the song. "I love this song so much — it's just been such a great rock for me," Lea reveals. "It gives me strength, it gives me joy, and I really hope that you guys love it." We certainly do, Lea!

As much as we enjoy Lea's album version of the song, we think this new rendition is especially moving. The more sparse instrumentation here allows her voice to really stand out.

We wish Lea continued success in her music career, and we can't wait for her to go on tour this summer in support of the album.

What do you think of Lea's new version of "Cannonball"?

Source: Lea on YouTube