Credit: Lea Michele on Twitter Photo: Lea Michele in the Recording Studio on August 6, 2014

Let’s be honest, Lea Michele (Rachel) is always working (when she’s not in Mexico, that is) but a recent cryptic Twitter post from the 27-year-old actress had us particularly intrigued. So what’s lovely Lea up to now? Read on to find out!

On August 6 Lea got her fans and followers to speculate like crazy when she tweeted this little ditty: “In the studio! Working on a very exciting new project today!” The tweet ended with two telling emoticons — one of a monkey covering its mouth and another of a camera. What’s more? The tweet also included an adorable selfie of Lea in the recording studio.

While many fans speculated that Lea was in the studio either working on her second album or recording the Brunette Ambition audiobook, we think those adorable emoticons provide some pretty substantial hints.

As you might remember, there were rumors earlier this year that the 27-year-old was close to  signing a deal to voice the female lead in DreamWorks Animation's animated musical, Bollywood Superstar Monkey. Yes, monkey. As far as we know, Lea’s Bollywood role was never confirmed, but the emoticons she used in the August 6 tweet certainly make it seem like she’s embracing her inner ape.

Bollywood Superstar Monkey is about two monkey brothers who team up to save a Bollywood star from a ten-headed demon king, and if Lea is in the animated flick then she would reportedly be voicing Pinki, the Bollywood star's pet monkey.

Do you buy our theory that Lea is voicing a part in Bollywood Superstar Monkey? Tell us your own thoughts and theories below!

Credit: NDN Photo: Lea Michelle Wins Teen Choice Comedy Award (VIDEO)