Leah Calvert: Jeremy Won’t Talk to Me For Days at a Time
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Leah Messer

Leah Calvert: Jeremy Won’t Talk to Me For Days at a Time

Leah Calvert may already seem like a supermom on Teen Mom 2 as she shows the ins and outs of raising three daughters, one of whom has special needs, but it seems as though the audience doesn’t know the half of what this dedicated young mom has to do for her kids.

During a recent chat with OK!Magazine.com, Leah revealed that, thanks to her husband Jeremy’s career, she often finds herself raising her children as a single mom for weeks or even months at a time.

“Jeremy’s thing is, he’s so dedicated to his career that he doesn’t see where it takes away from us,” reveals Leah. “It would make it hard on me whenever he would go two or three days without talking to us.”

While Leah made it clear to Jeremy that long absences and radio silence were making things hard on her at home, her bull-headed hubby wasn’t willing to change, at least initially.

“He was definitely against counseling at the beginning … He was just completely against someone telling him what to do,” she admits.

Despite Jeremy’s reticence about going to therapy, Leah says he’s giving fatherhood his all and is trying to be the best dad he can to baby Adalynn and Leah’s two daughters from her previous marriage.

“When he’s gone, it’s just him, but when he comes home, it’s like, oh my gosh, there’s kids running around everywhere,” she says. “So I still feel like he’s adapting to it in some ways.”

Although things between Jeremy and Leah’s ex, Corey, didn’t get off to a great start, thanks to some of Leah’s lingering feelings for baby daddy number one, the pair have moved past their problems and are becoming buddies.

“Jeremy and Corey are pretty close,” she admits. “They talk. We were at Aleeah’s gymnastics practice — cheerleading practice — and they stood over there and talked like they’ve known each other for years.”

Source: OK!Magazine.com