Is Leah Messer Addicted to Pain Medication?  — Report
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Leah Messer

Is Leah Messer Addicted to Pain Medication? — Report

Fans of Teen Mom 2 got a chance to see Leah Messer totally strung out on anxiety medication during last week's episode of Season 5, and the results weren't pretty. Leah was slurring her words and could barely form a coherent sentence after taking a dose of her doctor-prescribed pills, but apparently this isn't her first time at the pill poppin' rodeo.

According to a new report from, Leah's developed an unhealthy dependence on painkillers, which she allegedly takes on the regular. “We think Leah could be taking powerful painkillers including Lortab and Percocet,” a source close to Leah tells Radar. “They are very easy to get on the streets in her hometown.”

The source claims that Leah takes non-prescribed painkillers to deal with the stress of raising her three children. “It’s all too much for her,” the source continues. “Sometimes she drops her girls off with her mom at night and takes painkillers or drinks heavily. Dawn is all too eager to help out and tries to keep Leah’s secrets hidden.”

Obviously, this report should be taken with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that Leah herself hasn't spoken out about Radar's claims. However, she did confirm that her doctor adjusted her anxiety prescription tweeting, "They freaked Me out but my Dr fixed it. He is the best."

Do you believe reports that Leah is poppin' pain killers? It hardly seems like something this level-headed mother-of-three would do, but take to the comments and tell us what you think!