What Was Aliannah Simms’s Final Diagnosis?
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Teen Mom 2

What Was Aliannah Simms’s Final Diagnosis?

If you didn’t have a box of tissues with you during the emotional finale of Teen Mom 2, you might have been the only one! Leah Messer and her ex-husband, Corey Simms, finally got the answers they’ve been searching for in regard to daughter Ali’s muscular dystrophy diagnosis. Although they knew Ali had a rare form of the disease, they just didn’t know which gene caused it.

On April 13’s finale episode of Teen Mom 2, Wetpaint Entertainment partnered with Viggle LIVE! to ask users what the final diagnosis was and only 38 percent of viewers got the correct answer, which was Titin muscular dystrophy. While 42 percent said Ullrich, 20 percent believed it to be undiagnosed.

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After further testing, doctors discovered that Ali actually has Titin muscular dystrophy, an extremely rare form that has only been found in adults. This means Ali is the only child to have the disorder!

“This is a new gene, and in fact doctors throughout the world are just starting to learn about this gene mutation, which can affect the heart or breathing," Ali's doctor explained to Leah and Corey during the finale. However, the good news is that most people with the disease don’t develop the conditions until much later in life.

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