TM2’s Leah Messer Talks Single Life, Co-Parenting & New Book Plans — Exclusive
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Leah Messer

TM2’s Leah Messer Talks Single Life, Co-Parenting & New Book Plans — Exclusive


It’s pretty clear Leah Messer has never been happier than she is right now.

And that’s because the MTV star, who’s had a rough few seasons, is now single, loving herself, and enjoying her life with her three daughters, Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn.

Sounds like that happiness will certainly translate into the new season of Teen Mom 2!

Wetpaint chatted exclusively with the mom of three, who revealed all about her new outlook on life, her co-parenting situations with both Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, and her sometimes, well… contentious relationship with MTV.

She also reveals she’s working on a book and updates us on Ali’s “progress” with her muscular dystrophy.

Click through for our full Q&A with Leah, and stay tuned for our other exclusive interviews with her co-stars Kailyn, Jenelle, and Chelsea!

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Wetpaint: The last few seasons have been hard for you with a custody battle and a divorce, but this one definitely seems happier and better. What will we see you go through?

Leah Messer: You’ll see Jeremy and I trying to establish a good co-parenting relationship with Addie. You’ll see Corey and I co-parenting very well and I think you’ll see the girls and I settling into our new home and starting our own journey.

So we will see a lot of the dads?

Yeah! You’ll see Jeremy and I and Corey and I co-parenting, yeah.

OK. Because both of them have said they don’t want to film as much anymore.

There’s a stage where I felt we all do [not want to film much]. It’s something we all try to do! (laughs).

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How does breaking down the fourth wall change things for you this time around?

I try to remain as honest and natural as possible. I think that it opens that door up a little bit more to see… I wish I could see more of the show before it actually airs to give you a better answer but I think it makes it more real for the audience when they break the fourth wall.

In the Backstage Pass special, we saw you butt heads with your producer a bit. What do you and your producers usually argue about?

My producer and I don’t usually butt heads. I think that was an incident that happened, I was annoyed with the way some of the editing showed it and I guess you guys saw a little bit of that.

We love the part at the end of the trailer where Addie says you need a boyfriend. Do you think the girls wish you had a boyfriend or not really?

We’re content with the way our life is now, I don’t think it matters to them whether mommy has a boyfriend or not. Addie, she sees her dad with somebody but I don’t think it really matters to them whether I have a boyfriend or don’t have a boyfriend.

We love your newfound sense of independence, too, but is it weird being the only single one amongst your castmates for the first time ever?

I love it! (laughs). I don’t feel like it’s weird, I think it’s where I need to be in life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Definitely cool with how things are (laughs).

You’ve definitely been more open on social media lately, too. Is that on purpose?

Right. Usually I don’t [post], I try to stay away from social media. There’s just been a lot of internet trolls in the past. But now that I’m in a different place in my life I want to share that with everybody and let them see where the girls and I are.


You’ve also been letting a lot of the negative comments slide. How come you’ve suddenly been able to brush it all off?

I’m in a different place in life. I’m way more positive. My life coach through Live Your Standard has worked with me in so many ways and helped me see everything in a completely different aspect that I’m happy for.

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How is Ali doing? Will we get updates on her health?

You’ll see a little bit of progress for Ali. She actually gets stronger which is part of muscular dystrophy. Her type of muscular dystrophy is very rare so you’ll see us go to doctor’s appointments and some milestones, up and downs.

Has Corey been more accepting of Ali’s condition lately?

Yes. I think we’re both on the same page. We are taking it day by day. We believe in her and know that she’s going to do whatever she wants to do and we’re going to be there by her through it all.

Have things been OK with Corey’s wife, Miranda, since that whole backpack incident last season?

Miranda and I get along great. We do what’s best for the girls at the end of the day and that’s all that matters.

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Is your new house closer to Ali and Aleeah’s school?

Yes, before their school was flooded I lived about 15 minutes away from the school. Now that we went through everything with the flood it’s a little bit further away and it’s a little bit further away from Corey as well. But I do live closer than I did before, yeah.

Last season it was hard for you to get the girls to school on time. So is that no longer an issue?

Absolutely not.

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Are you and Jeremy good these days? You said on the TM2 Season 7 reunion that he doesn't see Adalynn as much as he should.

Jeremy, he works out of town a lot. It’s something that I guess comes with his job. But he actually has been seeing her a lot more which I think is great for him and for Addie.

What’s your custody situation with Jeremy?

When he’s away for work she’s with me and I’ll let his parents get her every now and then when he’s home he gets her on the weekends.

And are you excited about Jeremy and Brooke’s engagement?

I am excited if that’s what’s best for them!

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You recently enrolled in college! Have you decided yet what you want to study?

I think I’m going to go for Communications. I’m going in undecided but I’m honestly not sure. I don’t know, I guess we’ll see!

You also recently launched a YouTube channel. What else is next for you and your kids?

I hope to publish a book soon, I’ve been taking notes. Just a book about my life.

Teen Mom 2 premieres Monday, January 2 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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