Leah Messer Calls Hater “Two-Faced Piece Of S—t” in Twitter Rant
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Leah Messer

Leah Messer Calls Hater “Two-Faced Piece Of S—t” in Twitter Rant

Leah Messer might seem like a demure southern belle who clanks spoons and sips on moonshine all day, but not so much. Ever since this bombshell Teen Mom 2 star chopped all her hair off, she's been all kinds of fired up, and the latest bout of feistiness?

Leah took to Twitter to subtweet some poor soul who crossed her, and the results were nothing short of terrifying. And kind of amazing.

Leah's rant started strong, with the simple tweet, "Im done with being disrespected by too faced [sic] good for NOTHING piece of sh—t. I was pretty easy going in the past but the hell with that."

Um, let's talk this through, Leah — oh, wait, you're still going. "Don't come crying when it becomes nasty," she continued. "Im tired of the im better than thou attitude and the different person you are when Certain people are around . That's about all I gotta say."

So, at this point you're probably dying to know who Leah's subtweeting. Unfortunately, we have no idea, but whoever it is should probably run and hide. Now that Leah has access to professional haircutting scissors, she might pull a Jan Brady and chop all her haters' locks off.

That being said, we love That this girl is standing up for herself. Go get 'em Leah!

06.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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