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Leah Messer Confides in Corey Simms About Her Marriage Problems

Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 5, Episode 10 (March 25, 2014)

Leah Messer Confides in Corey Simms About Her Marriage Problems
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Y'all, there's trouble in paradise between Leah Messer and her hubby, Jeremy Calvert. These lovebirds usually have a great relationship full of bacon slaps and man-necklaces, but this week on Teen Mom 2 things took a turn for the dramatic. Long story short, Jeremy turned down a local job in West Virginia for a gig in New Mexico and didn't even bother telling Leah about his plans. In fact, girlfriend had to sneak through his phone to find out what he had done, which lead to a blow-out argument!

Leah tried to open up about her feelings to Jeremy by saying, "I don't feel like I have a marriage, I feel like I'm doing it all on my own," and "you think of everything as money-money-money-money, you need to realize that we're more important than money." But this hard-working man wasn't willing to listen. Jeremy ended up taking the job in New Mexico and ditching his wife and kids, leaving Leah with no one left to talk to!

And, enter Corey Simms. In a rare moment of candor, Leah opened up to her ex-husband while dropping off their twin daughters, and explained that Jeremy had taken a job in the southwest without bothering to tell her. To give Leah credit, she didn't exactly complain about Jeremy's decision, but shade was definitely thrown. Corey's reaction? To be super awkward, he congratulated Jeremy on being a good provider, and hid in the giant growth of shrubbery that is his beard.

Also, shout out to Leah for uttering this amazing quote during a bonding session with her daughters: "That's not cookies, it's pepperoni!" Story of our lives.

We have a feeling this isn't the last time Leah will open up to her ex, but do you think their conversation about Jeremy was inappropriate? Tell us your feels in the comments!

03.26.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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