Leah Messer Says Corey Simms Is in Denial About Ali’s Health
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Leah Messer Says Corey Simms Is in Denial About Ali’s Health

Watching Leah Messer and Corey Simms learn about their daughter Aliannah Hope's muscular dystrophy diagnosis on Teen Mom 2 has been painful to say the least. These two are having a hard time adjusting to their little girl's deteriorating condition, and they're coping with the news in very different ways. While Leah's all about being proactive and facing Ali's issues head-on, Corey seems to be slightly in denial about his daughter's health problems.

Sure, he knows Ali has developmental issues, but Leah thinks he chooses not to address them because it's too painful.

"I think he's in denial," Leah said during MTV's Teen Mom 2 Season 5, Episode 3 after show. "And he swears he's not in denial. But he's always like 'there's nothing wrong.' I feel like he felt like in order to stay positive he has to deny it."

Leah and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, both have concerns about Corey's inability to recognize the true severity of Ali's condition, especially when it comes to her health care.

"It's hard for us to work together if he doesn't admit it a little bit so we can make the right decisions for Ali," Leah continued. "I have so much hope for my baby girl that I would do anything for her. He's putting his feelings kinda before her needs right now. Because he doesn't want to accept it."

Corey's feelings are understandable, but hopefully he'll be able to strike a balance between being positive about Ali's health and being sensible about her needs.

Do you think this Southern dreamboat is in denial? Or do you think he's just being hopeful in the face of a tough situation? Hit the comments!

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