Leah Messer’s Ex-Husband Corey Simms Gets Remarried — And Jeremy Calvert Reacts! (VIDEOS)
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Leah Messer’s Ex-Husband Corey Simms Gets Remarried — And Jeremy Calvert Reacts! (VIDEOS)

Teen Mom 2's Leah Messer has come so far, y'all! This Southern belle may have divorced her baby daddy, Corey Simms, but nowadays she's head-over-heels for her new hubby, Jeremy Calvert — though she admits that she and Corey could have tried a bit harder.

"When I say that Corey and I could have tried harder, we were young," she told Jeremy during Teen Mom 2's Season 5 after show. "We made very irrational decisions. Not saying that it would or wouldn't have worked out, but we don't know, you know what I'm saying? Maybe instead of us flying mad at each other, if we would have been a little bit more mature and sat down and talked through things, maybe our kids would have had a different life."

"You definitely tried way harder than him … you were trying to keep your family together … I think he was just young and wanted to party and have his freedom," Jeremy mused, while Leah responded, "I think us being together and all of us being in the same house, he didn't have as much freedom."

Corey may have wanted his freedom during marriage to Leah, but he's more than ready to settle down now. In fact, Corey recently got married to his new gal pal, Miranda Patterson.

"It's good he got married," Jeremy says. "I was glad he was gonna marry and just be happy with someone else. Moving on with his life. Ain't that what you wanted him to do?" Jeremy asked.

"It did bother me that you felt, 'Oh, thank god,'" Leah said. "You were glad that he was finally engaged and moving on so that way he didn't try to come in between us."

Leah and Corey definitely have less sexual tension now that they're both married to other people, and these days they get along swimmingly. In fact, Corey and Jeremy are pretty good friends as well!

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