Things Get Heated Between Leah Messer and Corey Simms on Twitter — What Happened?
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Things Get Heated Between Leah Messer and Corey Simms on Twitter — What Happened?

Summer is coming, but the temperature just hit a deep freeze on Twitter for Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer and her ex, Corey Simms. These two can never stay out of the shade for long!

Leah recently accused Corey of cheating on his wife Miranda Patterson, and used the public forum of TV do spread the word. Miranda responded on Twitter, writing things like, “Make sure your hands are clean before pointing your finger.” She didn’t send that directly to Leah, but it’s easy to read into things.

Now, something similar happened earlier this week between Corey and Leah. On the night of April 23, Leah wrote, "You shouldn't put the blame on the person that's actually not to blame. It could hurt you. That being said don't try to apologize this time."

That could've been about any number of things — although nothing good — but early the next morning, Corey tweeted, "People only bring up your past, when they are intimidated by your present."

Shortly after that, Leah wrote, "You said it yourself, and I couldn't have said it any better." She added, in the next tweet, "Don't bring others down because you are so unhappy." Later: "I won't be complaining when it's all sad and done and I won't feel like I'm getting the raw end of the deal this time."

And way early on April 25, she went with: "I found myself stooping to your level via Twitter and then realized that it wasn't worth my time so the block button became my resloution."

Yikes. So the drama train is not slowing down at all. Is it reading too much into things to assume Corey and Leah were writing about each other’s lives (at least in part), or is that a pretty fair verdict?

They still have to co-parent their kids, so they can’t just distance themselves from each other — which would otherwise make things a lot easier and less awkward for all the adults involved.

What do you think of this latest round of subtweets? Do you just shake your head (or laugh) at all the online shots fired, or do you think it’s an immature example to be setting?