Leah Messer and Corey Simms’s Daughter Aliannah Simms’s Health Scare Update! (PHOTO)
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Leah Messer and Corey Simms’s Daughter Aliannah Simms’s Health Scare Update! (PHOTO)

Leah Messer and Corey Simms have been on a roller coaster ever since the birth of their adorable twin girls, Aleeah Grace and Aliannah Hope Simms, three years ago. Even though these two have divorced and remarried (and Leah has had a third baby!), they continue to spend a lot of time together to take care of Ali, who has a developmental condition. This month, the strong extended family received some difficult news about the little gal’s health, and recently we’ve been worried sick by some of Leah’s cryptic tweets about the situation.

Along with Leah’s words, proud grandpa Jeff Simms really scared us on July 17 when he tweeted, “Every few months we make a journey full of hope only to go home with our hearts ripped out.”

Fortunately, Jeff has spoken up again and put our minds at ease. He’s been super involved with the girls from the start and is always up to date on Ali Girl’s condition.

“We love her so much that anything that does not indicate 100% wellness for her devastates us. She will be fine," Poppaw Jeff explained to a curious fan on July 18.

Whew. Sounds like the adorable West Viriginia princess isn’t in immediate danger. Two days later, he shared an adorable snapshot of her with the caption, “She has no idea how crazy I am about her. Blessed w/ 2 awesome granddaughters! #aligrace.” Our hearts melted. He even shared another photo from an adorable fishing trip with both girls.

On July 22, a faith-filled Jeff added “When I pray for Ali, not only do I pray for her to overcome her issues, I thank The Lord for all the blessings both the twins already recvd.” Sounds to us like this little lady will be just fine.

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