How Does Leah Messer Like Cosmetology School So Far?
Credit: Leah Messer's Official Facebook Page    

Leah Messer

How Does Leah Messer Like Cosmetology School So Far?

Good news, fellow Teen Mom addicts: Leah Messer has finally found her calling. This Teen Mom 2 star has always been super-talented (girlfriend knows how to apply a spray tan like woah), but her latest passion? Cosmetology.

In case the hair extensions, false eyelashes, heavy eye shadow, and general love for all-things beautiful didn't tip you off, Leah is obsessed with hair and makeup. Girlfriend always makes sure to look her best, so it makes perfect sense that she'd throw caution (and hair feathers) to the wind and enroll in Cosmetology school!

Leah started her program on May 12, and she's loving every minute of it. In fact, perfecting the liquid line has given Leah a whole new lease on life. "Going to cosmetology school makes me feel more proud than I ever have," Leah recently admitted to fans. "I want to be a positive influence for my girls and other mommas!"

Leah's a positive influence in more ways than one (the fact that she successfully raised twins at the tender age of sixteen is pretty impressive…), but her commitment to continuing education is definitely inspirational.

Hopefully, Leah's journey to cosmo-graduation will help other young mothers find the time and energy to follow their dreams — especially if it's documented during MTV's (hopeful) next season of Teen Mom 2!

Are you impressed with the direction Leah's life is taking? We can't wait to wander over to West Virginia and have her cake some makeup all over our bodies.