Leah Messer’s Daughter Aliannah About to Reach Developmental Milestone
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Leah Messer’s Daughter Aliannah About to Reach Developmental Milestone

We aren't even half-way through Teen Mom 2's dramatic fifth season, and so far we've spent every episode sobbing. Partially because no one seems to be wearing hair feathers anymore (SOB, why?!), and partially because watching Leah Messer struggle with her daughter Aliannah Hope's health problems is emotional to say the least.

Leah recently learned that little Ali has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, a developmental disorder that weakens the muscles. Fans of Teen Mom 2 have seen Ali struggle to bear weight on her legs and learn how to walk, so it was extremely distressing when doctors told Leah that Ali would eventually have to use a wheelchair full time.

As far as we know, Ali does have a wheelchair, but she's also been able to continue walking! Even better? She's almost able to run! That's right, this sweet girl is days away from being able to run circles around her mom, which her grandpa, Jeff Simms, confirmed on Twitter.

"She is almost running," Jeff tweeted. "We are so proud of her! #aligrace."

What amazing news! While the fact remains that Ali will likely spend more and more time in a wheelchair, it's amazing that her muscles are strong enough to allow her to run. We're sure Ali loves playing with her sister, and engaging in activities that involve lots of movement and physical activity. It's great that she's still making so much progress!

Are you surprised that Ali's almost able to run? This little lady has come so far!

02.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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