Leah Messer Explains Divorce Bombshell From Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Trailer — Exclusive
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Leah Messer Explains Divorce Bombshell From Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Trailer — Exclusive

Teen Mom 2 fans were shocked when the promo for the show's upcoming fifth season showed Leah Messer talking about getting divorced from her husband, Jeremy Calvert. These two haven't been married for that long and they just had a baby together — what went wrong?

Wetpaint Entertainment editor Lindsay Dreyer sat down with Leah during Teen Mom 2's press day in New York City to find out more, and she exclusively told us that the conversation shown during the promo was a simple misunderstanding.

"When that came on in the trailer I laughed, we laughed, because we're like, 'Really?! We're not divorcing,'" Leah said. "Jeremy and I were talking about each other, but it wasn't real. He really said that, but he says that all the time. And I thought it was serious this time."

Leah went on to explain that the main source of stress is their lack of communication while Jeremy's away on business (he's a pipeline engineer).

"He struggles with giving work attention and also giving his family attention while he's away, " Leah said. "I just wanted to talk to him and there would three or four days I would go without talking to my husband. I would get upset and it would cause us problems, and he'd say, 'Well, whatever, then I want a divorce.' He throws out the word all the time, but we never end up getting a divorce. "

Leah Messer Explains Divorce Bombshell From Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Trailer — Exclusive
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Well, that's a relief — but do Jeremy's faux-threats upset Leah?

"It does bother me," she admitted. "There's only so many times you can cry wolf until one day it's really gonna happen. I think he's learning that you can't just throw out divorce every time. And that's the good thing about me and Jeremy's relationship. We communicate so well that when things like that happen, we know how to work through it. Even though he has a hard time listening to me, I still take his feelings into consideration."

Sounds like a few couples therapy sessions could do these two a world of good, and Leah is up for the challenge.

"I feel like counseling would be so good for us," Leah said. "He thinks of people that go to counseling as filing for divorce tomorrow and I try to explain to him that's not the case. We're just doing it to build our relationship stronger. I want our marriage as strong as it can be. He finally agreed to go and I think it would be great for us."

Though Leah and Jeremy haven't been to counseling yet, they plan on going as soon as a serious issue comes up in their relationship.

"Right now there's nothing wrong with us. We're not fighting. We go through spats just like any married couple," Leah explained. "The only thing I don't like is throwing up divorce all the time … He's still learning. I've kind of been in a marriage before, I've kind of had to grow up fast. Jeremy's still learning so I'm not gonna rush anything or jump to conclusions."

Sounds like Leah has learned a lot from her first marriage to Corey Simms. Hopefully she and Jeremy can work through their marital issues like mature adults!

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