Leah Messer Assures Fans Her Marriage Is “Perfectly Fine”
Credit: Leah Messer on Twitter    

Leah Messer

Leah Messer Assures Fans Her Marriage Is “Perfectly Fine”

Leah Messer has many skills (including wearing hair extensions like a boss), but her passion is most definitely penning subtweets. This Teen Mom 2 star has basically perfected the Art of Subtweeting, and hits up Twitter on a near daily basis to throw shade at randoms.

Naturally, fans are quick to assume that Leah's more dramatic subtweets are about her marriage to Jeremy Calvert, as was the case when she posted the following musing: "Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time."

Um, what is happening? Despite the fact that this is the most subbiest subtweet ever, it seemed pretty obvious that Leah was referring to her marriage when she wrote it. However, we're happy to report that things with Jeremy are A-OK! "Jeremy and I are perfectly fine promise xoxo," she assured fans.

Phew! But if Leah's tweet isn't about her marriage, then what's it about? It's possible that girlfriend is musing on work or school, but also possible that she's talking about her relationship with Corey Simms.

These former lovebirds are known for getting along great despite their differences, but Leah majorly rocked the boat when she accused Cory of cheating on his then-fiancé, Miranda Patterson, during the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special. Miranda tweeted-and-deleted a subtweet about Leah at the time, and we're not sure if their relationship has fully recovered.

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