Leah Messer to Jeremy Calvert: “You Control My Life!” — Watch the Sneak Peek (VIDEO)
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Teen Mom 2

Leah Messer to Jeremy Calvert: “You Control My Life!” — Watch the Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

If you thought Leah Messer's strung-out storyline during this week's episode of Teen Mom 2 was dramatic, you ain't seen nothing yet. Next Wednesday, August 6, Leah and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, get into an epic screaming match over — you guessed it — dolla, dolla bills, y'all!

Despite the fact that Jeremy rakes in huge amounts of money as a pipeliner, cash is tight for these lovebirds. They have super-high bills what with Ali's medical expenses, and next week Leah makes Jeremy furious when she throws down almost $2,000 to sign up as a Mary Kay consultant.

"I'm worried about paying bills, not f—king buying stupid damn ass makeup" Jeremy fumes in a sneak peek clip from MTV. "How about taxes? How about let’s pay off s—t that we've been saying we're gonna pay off for a year now and have yet to do. We've went through hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year."

Leah denies having gone through so much cash money, defends her big expenses, and then totally loses it on her hubby. "You never have faith in me, I can never do anything, I'm not allowed to do anything! You f—king control my whole entire life, and tell me what I can and can't do. You don't see the way you treat me."

According to our records, Leah signed up for Mary Kay in April of this year, which means her argument with Jeremy was filmed as recently as a few months ago.

Do you think Jeremy flew off the handle, or does Leah need a reality check when it comes to spending money? Let us know in the comments.

Source: MTV