Leah Messer Addresses Divorce Rumors Again — Are They True?
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Leah Messer

Leah Messer Addresses Divorce Rumors Again — Are They True?

Sigh, poor Leah Messer just can't get away from speculation that her marriage to Jeremy Calvert is in trouble. Fans of Teen Mom 2 took a ride on the rumor mill after seeing Leah drop the D-word during a season 5 promo, and now that she and Jeremy have spent almost every episode fighting, people seem convinced that they're moments away from a divorce.

So, are Leah and Jeremy still arguing over their communication issues and Jeremy's demanding job as a pipeliner? No way, friends! You can breathe a sigh of relief as these two have worked through many of their problems (most likely thanks to the saintly muse known as Dr. Drew Pinsky). In case you needed proof, they are happily living together in West Virginia with their three children.

"Jeremy Calvert and I are married and living in the same home," Leah told fans on Facebook. "We are not divorced. Sorry some disagree with how things have been portrayed on the show to make you feel so ill toward me. Life is a learning process for everyone in life and nobody is perfect and we all have our different struggles in relationships."

Leah has received a fair amount of criticism for getting mad at Jeremy about his decision to work away from home, but her feelings are completely reasonable as far as we're concerned. Sure, Jeremy has to make money for his family, but don't forget that he sometimes leaves Leah and their newborn baby for up to six weeks at a time!

We're happy to hear that Leah and Jeremy are doing well after working through their issues, and hopefully these divorce rumors will be put to bed in the wake of her statement.

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