Teen Mom

Inside Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s Fight — Watch the Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)

Things are getting tense between Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert, and it has to do with his job. In this exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow night’s Teen Mom 2 episode, Leah and Jeremy have an honest discussion about his latest gig, which will take him away from their family — including Leah’s twins Aliannah and Aleeah and their daughter, Adalynn — for a total of five weeks. That’s a long time guys!

“I’m going to leave for five weeks and you act like I’m leaving for five years,” Jeremy says to Leah. “That five weeks I will not see or hardly talk to my husband,” Leah counters. “I won’t get to kiss you, I will not get to hug you.”

Even if five weeks doesn’t seem like a long time for some, Leah has her own reasoning behind why she is so against Jeremy’s work. The problem? Since his job as a pipeliner takes him out-of-state for weeks on end, Jeremy has previously gone a week without checking in on Leah or the kids. That lack of communication has her all worked for the right reasons and who could blame her? No wonder she is insistent on marital counseling.

We were holding our breath during the clip, but luckily we got some comic relief from Leah’s daughter, Aleeah, who is seen playing on the porch in a very eclectic ensemble (and tells Jeremy he is wearing a “girl’s shirt”!). She even stands in as Leah and Jeremy’s personal counselor and can be heard saying, “Calm down, calm down, calm down!”

We hope these two make it work — and who wouldn’t with a counselor like Aleeah in your corner!

What do you think of Jeremy’s job, should he go away for five weeks or stay with the family? Weigh in below!