Leah Messer’s Mom Defends Her for Spanking Aleeah: “It Is Legal!”
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Leah Messer’s Mom Defends Her for Spanking Aleeah: “It Is Legal!”

Did y'all catch Teen Mom 2's all-new episode this week on MTV? The show was chock-full of even more drama than usual, especially when it came to Leah Messer. This gal was dealing with some pretty intense issues this week, the least of which was daughter Aleeah’s acting out. Aleeah wasn't listening to either of her parents, so Leah was forced to yell at her — and deliver a gentle slap on Aleeah's bottom to drive home her point.

We'd hardly call Leah's actions "spanking" (the slap didn't seem painful for Aleeah), but some fans have taken issue with her decision to lash out at her child. Sure, there's a fine line between spanking and straight-up hitting, but Leah didn't even begin to cross it — though some fans would beg to differ.

While Leah's stayed quiet on the subject aside from a few pointed pro-spanking retweets, her mom, Dawn Spears, took it to Twitter to defend her daughter. "It is LEGAL in the state of WV to smack your child's behind as long as it isn't with an object or leave bruises or markings," Dawn told Leah's fleet of haters, adding "A lot less violence was in the world when parents took their children over their knee."

Apparently, Leah was also spanked as a child — which could definitely have something to do with her decision to spank her own kids. "I spared the rod on my kids if the CPS system didn't like it or my kids they could raise them or my kids could call them come get them lol," Dawn continued.

It’s important to point out that Leah also punishes her children with traditional time-outs and consequences.

Do you think it was wrong for her to spank Aleeah? Hit the comments and tell us how you feel about this controversial topic.

03.6.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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