Leah Messer Celebrates a “New Start” in Her Life — What Does She Mean?
Credit: Leah Messer's Official Fan Page    

Leah Messer

Leah Messer Celebrates a “New Start” in Her Life — What Does She Mean?

Leah Messer loves nothing more than wandering over to Twitter and penning cryptic musings about her life. Seriously, we have no idea what she's talking about half the time — but it looks like this Teen Mom 2 star is about to experience some major changes!

Leah took to the internets on April 9 to chat about said changes, and simply tweeted, "I'm so happy for the things to come in my life. New start, better things, looking up always."

Sounds like this gal couldn't be more excited for whatever she's jumping into! And for those of you who think Leah is referencing her rumored divorce from Jeremy Calvert, think again. These two have made multiple statements that their marriage is just as strong as ever, so don't expect them to be splitting up anytime soon. It's much more likely that Leah's referencing something far less personal that her relationship … read on for our theories!

While Leah hasn't explained why she's so excited (and she just can't hide it!), it's possible that this tweet could be in reference to her tanning salon. It's a well known fact that this southern belle loves nothing more than turning people orange, and she's always wanted to open her own salon.

Unfortunately, Leah's plans were put on hold last year (presumably because of Jeremy's job on the pipeline, as well as issues with her daughter Ali's health), but who knows? Maybe she's finally found time to complete her transformation into Tan Mom. Not to be confused with this lady, who Leah has approximately zero in common with.

What do you think Leah's tweet is in reference to? Hit the comments with your theories!