What Do Leah Messer’s Twins Want to Be When They Grow Up?
Credit: Leah Messer on Twitter    

Leah Messer

What Do Leah Messer’s Twins Want to Be When They Grow Up?

There are only a few days left until Teen Mom 2 Season 5B comes into our lives (on July 16!), and we couldn't be more excited to check in on our TV sisters from another mister — especially Leah Messer and her clan of love children.

This girl has been livin' it up in West Virginia with her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah (and Baby Addie we see you too!). While we're psyched to catch up with Leah's personal drama, the main attraction is definitely those cute kids.

Ali and Aleeah might just be the cutest little girls, and we heart them even more now that they've decided what they want to be when they grow up! "When Al grows up she wants to be a Doctor just like mommy wanted to be and Aleeah wants to be a nurse!" Leah tweeted on July 7. "#nothingisimpossible."

Looks like these little ladies are following in their mommy's footsteps. Leah was enrolled in a nursing program a while back but ended up dropping out to spend more time with her daughters, and nowadays she's in cosmetology school!

And by the way, how cute is it that Ali wants to be a doctor? Considering that she spends a significant portion of her life in doctor's offices thanks to her developmental condition, you'd think she might be sick of hospitals. Clearly Ali's inspired to help others!

Are you surprised by Ali and Aleeah's life goals? Take it to the comments and let us know.