Leah Messer Vents on Twitter: “I Hate Being So Naive” — What Does She Mean?
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Leah Messer

Leah Messer Vents on Twitter: “I Hate Being So Naive” — What Does She Mean?

If there's one thing Leah Messer's known for (other than her tri-colored hair and love for cheese puffs), it's her penchant for writing cryptic musings on Twitter. This Teen Mom 2 star loves nothing more than hitting up social media with vaguely dramatic thoughts, and 140 characters just isn't enough space for her to get it all out there.

The latest? Leah took to the internets in a moment of self-reflection and vented her feels about her own naivete. "Why I take the wrath for others I don't know why…" Leah pondered. "One day I'll just stop being so darn nice. I hate being so #naive."

We assume Leah meant to type "rap" instead of "wrath," but either way it's clear that girlfriend is struggling with some personal issues. Hopefully, said issues stem from something other than her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Jeremy Calvert, because these two already have enough on their plate.

This season on Teen Mom 2, Leah and Jeremy have been fighting non-stop about his lack of participation in their relationship, and (despite the fact that they consistently deny rumors of divorce) it's clear that their 'ship is strained.

What do you think Leah's referencing in her tweet? We'd hardly consider her naive, but she definitely seems like the type to take the rap (er, wrath?) for others — she's just so darn sweet and good-natured!