Leah Messer’s Three Kids Are Sick: What Happened?
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Leah Messer’s Three Kids Are Sick: What Happened?

Having three kids under the age of four is no easy feat, especially when all of the little tykes are sick. Just ask Teen Mom’s resident mountain mama, Leah Messer-Calvert, who is currently caring for three sick little girls. Poor babies!

On July 2 Leah told her Twitter followers that she was “stressed” because “All my babies are sick right before vacation!”

Leah didn’t give any further info on what’s wrong with her little girls, but we bet she’s taking very good care of 3-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and 4-month-old baby Adalynn. Being sick is no fun, but watching your kiddos battle a bug is the absolute worst — and right before Fourth of July vacation no less.

We’re not sure where Leah, Jeremy, and their little ladies are headed to celebrate America’s birth, but fellow Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is hoping to see the clan in Myrtle Beach. Hopefully everyone is on the mend before it’s time to leave for the family vacation, but maybe Leah should have plenty of medicine (and hugs!) on hand just in case.

Feel better, girlies!