Leah Remini Horrified By Former Scientologist’s Tragic Story (VIDEO)
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Leah Remini

Leah Remini Horrified By Former Scientologist’s Tragic Story (VIDEO)


Leah Remini has heard many awful stories over the course of her A&E docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath, but none were as heartbreaking as the one featured in last night’s January 3 episode.

In the installment, “Auditing,” the former King of Queens actress, 46, spoke with ex Scientologist Aaron Smith-Levin, who is haunted by the shocking death of his twin brother.

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Aaron’s sibling was originally a rising teen star in the controversial religion, but eventually fell from grace after he failed to complete increasingly difficult courses.

He subsequently left Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida at the age of 15.

Collin ended up writing college papers dissing the faith, which led his own brother and mother to report his behavior to Scientology higher-ups.

What came next is shocking.

Collin was “disconnected” from the Scientology community, including from his own twin, now 29, and mom.

Save for some hurt emails, Aaron and his mother never spoke to their loved one again, due to Scientology’s strict rules and one terrible tragedy.

“About six months after I joined the Sea Org I get a call from a dad,” Aaron chokes out through sobs, mentioning an order of Scientology’s most dedicated members.

“I call him back and he says, ‘There’s been an accident and your brother has died.’ I just f—king lost it.”

The father of three’s next phone call was even worse.

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Credit: A&E    

“Having to call my mom and tell her was probably the worst experience of my life,” he cries as Leah wipes away tears.

“I had to wake her up and I called her and she answered the phone out of a dead sleep. I’m like, ‘Mom, Collin died in a car accident,’ and she f—king lost it.”

Still, Scientology brass supposedly made Aaron "fight" to attend the funeral of his identical twin brother.

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Because Aaron’s brother was a “suppressive person” — or an enemy of Scientology — his commanding officer didn’t understand why he would take time off his “post” to mourn.

Thankfully, the Florida resident managed to get away and learned jaw-dropping things about his brother at the funeral.

Very few of Collin’s friends knew he even had a twin, since the late young man “hated” Scientology and Aaron was connected to it.

“I walked into the building where the [funeral] was going to happen,” the still-living twin explains.

“And his girlfriend was standing there and she looked at me — she almost passed out. She didn’t know he had a twin brother.”

After all of these tears, there’s at least some bright spots in Aaron’s life.

The dad of three, his wife, their trio of daughters, and Aaron’s mom have all left Scientology behind, as Collin would have wanted.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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