Leah Remini Gets Scientology Show as Church Targets Mariah Carey
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Leah Remini Gets Scientology Show as Church Targets Mariah Carey


The Church of Scientology might be down a few members as of late, but that’s not stopping them from trying to bring more A-listers onboard.

While we have a Leah Remini show about the religion headed to TV soon, the organization is looking to add James Packer and Mariah Carey to its ranks.

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News broke this week that the Dancing With the Stars alum was getting a show about her famously breaking away from the organization in 2013 — which was already detailed in her 2015 book, Troublemaker.

According to Scientology expert Tony Ortega, the series is already filming and he wrote in his blog The Underground Bunker that it’s “on a fast track.”

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Additionally, according to a shocking In Touch report, David Miscavige is doing whatever he can to get the Elusive Chanteuse and her Aussie billionaire fiancé on board.

James, who is worth $3.9 billion, previously flirted with Scientology thanks to a friendship with famed Scientologist Tom Cruise, but ultimately decided to distance himself from the religion around 2008.

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Tony notes the Church would “bend over backwards” to get the 48-year-old to return and bring his 46-year-old bride-to-be along with him.

But, according to Tony, chances of them getting the “Hero” singer to sign up are “slim to none.”