LeAnn Rimes On Being Bullied: Someone “Tried to Kill Me” With a Knife
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LeAnn Rimes On Being Bullied: Someone “Tried to Kill Me” With a Knife

LeAnn Rimes is doing what she can to prevent bullying from happening in schools, as she knows too well the pain of being targeted.

The country star performed at the Friend Movement's Anti-Bullying Benefit Concert on July 1, and she tells ET that she herself was bullied growing up.

"I was bullied when I was a kid when I was in junior high," LeAnn reveals. "A lot of girls can get real mean during the sixth-grade year."

"I used to perform around Dallas and Texas where I lived, a lot," she explains. "My principal would put something on the bulletin board if I was in the newspaper or something, and there was this clique of girls that did not like it. So I had my locker egged, I had a girl bring a knife to school the last day of sixth grade and tried to kill me! Awesome. So I'd say I was bullied a little."

LeAnn Rimes On Being Bullied: Someone “Tried to Kill Me” With a Knife
Credit: Friend Movement    

LeAnn who has had more than her share of issues with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville in recent years adds that people can still treat her in a way that she doesn't appreciate.

"I've been such a target I guess for misjudgment lately, and a lot of anger from some people, especially through social media," LeAnn says. "Obviously, we're [celebrities] underneath a microscope and in the spotlight all the time, but it's no reason to be able to pick apart someone the way that a lot of people do. We're human."

And what is the latest on LeAnn's possible reality show with hubby Eddie Cibrian?

"It seems like everyone talks about our lives all the time, so we might as well have fun with our own lives," she says. "People think I serve coffee in a bikini, I might as well start doing in on TV." But who doesn't put on swimwear when they need a caffeine fix?

"We would never do a normal reality show with cameras following us around 24/7," she continues. "I have two stepkids — they would never be on television. There's certain things that would never happen."

So would you watch LeAnn and Eddie's show? Or do you prefer people to be wearing at least a two-piece when they serve coffee?

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