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Ready For Baby? LeAnn Rimes Talks Going Off Birth Control (VIDEO)

In this week’s edition of TMI: Things You Never Wanted to Know About LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian, we’ve now learned that the country superstar has decided to go off birth control and hopefully give her husband the third child he doesn’t actually want.

During last night’s all-new episode of LeAnn & Eddie, the couple was faced with the same baby dilemma they’ve had all season. LeAnn really wants to have a baby and Eddie isn’t really feeling it — but when LeAnn’s mom revealed fertility issues run in the family, the 31-year-old singer went straight to the doctor.

When the results came back and LeAnn’s fertility levels were on the lower side of normal, she decided to confront her hubby and ask him how he felt about trying for a baby very soon. “Who knows how long it will take us to try?” she said. “If I wait too long I will be more pissed off about not being able to than having it a little too soon.” In the end Eddie agreed she should ditch the birth control.

But LeAnn’s baby drama wasn’t the best thing about the episode. The couple also sent their dog, Precious, to a doggie life coach to help deal with suspected depression. Someone get these two a baby, stat!