LeAnn Rimes Defends Sending Brandi Glanville Flowers on Mother’s Day
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LeAnn Rimes Defends Sending Brandi Glanville Flowers on Mother’s Day

We were plenty shocked after hearing LeAnn Rimes had sent Brandi Glanville flowers on Mother’s Day — but probably not more so than Brandi herself.

The two have been on less than friendly terms since LeAnn had an affair with and then married Brandi’s ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian.

But Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tweeted she thanked LeAnn for the kind gesture, but made a point to say they are not on speaking terms, nor does she have LeAnn’s phone number.

LeAnn took to Twitter on May 15 to marvel about how her Mother’s Day gift had become such a big deal.

“Didn’t expect a simple gesture to become a google alert,” she tweeted.

But when one Twitter user (whose comment has since been deleted) seemed to question LeAnn’s reason for sending Brandi the flowers, the country singer took a defensive stance.

“@UnabashedQueer you have no idea, no one does what I've done to try. Mother's Day just adds to the list. I can't make anyone try,” LeAnn tweeted.

A fan of Brandi’s tweeted at the former model and asked, “Do you agree with this? Has she REALLY tried?? #doubtit.”

In response, Brandi Glanville wrote, “@BluEyedMami She sent me beautiful flowers hope thats [sic] is the start of some effort for both sides. Off to work.”

Considering everything, that’s a pretty positive statement from Brandi! What do you think of LeAnn’s Mother’s Day gesture?

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