Is LeAnn Rimes Pregnant With Eddie Cibrian’s Baby?
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Brandi Glanville

Is LeAnn Rimes Pregnant With Eddie Cibrian’s Baby?

Talk about a desperate housewife! LeAnn Rimes maybe just started her own pregnancy rumor, just in time for the premiere of her VH1 reality show LeAnn & Eddie, which debuts in July. The whole thing started when LeAnn tweeted a car selfie with the caption, “Let the Indy day begin.” Seems normal enough, right? Things took a turn for the weird when someone responded that her breasts looked “very huge” in the photo. LeAnn’s answer? “im (sic) producing milk lol.”

This isn’t the first time LeAnn’s alluded to having kids with Eddie, who is already dad to Brandi Glanville’s sons Mason and Jake. “He's the best Dad already," LeAnn said when asked about any future plans for children. "I have a little bit of experience with the kids now so, I feel like I wouldn't be too crazed. It doesn't feel like a real first, first!"

Eddie joined in, joking, “Look, maybe we should just get another dog and then see how that goes.” LeAnn added, "It's harder than babies actually! Potty training [dogs] is way worse!" LeAnn should know better than anyone that having a kid with Eddie isn’t necessarily going to lock him down, so she’d better be careful with this. Fortunately, we’ll get to see all of this baby drama play out on LeAnn & Eddie, which, presumably, is going to be a total trainwreck that we are going to watch every second of.

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Source: LeAnn Rimes on Twitter