Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Leaves L.A. Amid Rumors She’s Getting Married This Week (PHOTOS)

There’s been a lot of gossip surrounding the upcoming nuptials of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The duo are set to celebrate with a lavish Parisian wedding on May 24, but it sounds like the official ceremony might happen earlier than we thought!

According to TMZ, the couple have obtained a confidential marriage license and are planning a private civil ceremony sometime this week. The license will allow the duo to make it official in the privacy of their own home instead of a courthouse with paparazzi hounding their every move.

Of course, just because Kim and Kanye want to get married in California, that doesn’t mean they’ve called off their preparations in France. The couple are still planning their over-the-top wedding at Château Louis XIV, but will have — if the rumors are true — an intimate civil ceremony for the sole purpose of their nuptials being legally recognized.

All that said, neither Kim nor Kanye (nor any other member of the Kardashian family) have confirmed that a civil ceremony will be happening later this week. In fact, Kim was photographed at LAX airport on April 29, as she was leaving Los Angeles and headed for Paris.

It doesn’t seem like the best time to be skipping town if the rumors are true — but then again, Kim has plenty of experience with whirlwind trips to France. We’re sure she can get to Paris, check up on preparations, and get back in L.A. with plenty of time to spare before her official ceremony. She’ll probably even pick up a dress on the Avenue Montaigne just for the occasion!

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