What Will Leighton Meester Wear For Her Wedding?
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What Will Leighton Meester Wear For Her Wedding?

Have you heard the amazing, earth-shattering, life-changing news, everyone? Your favorite Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester, is engaged to The O.C.’s Adam Brody! While the two stars haven’t gushed about it as much as we have, at least not publicly, we’re already planning the whole wedding. You know, just in case Serena van der Woodsen (or Blake Lively) is tied up that weekend.

What Will Leighton Meester Wear For Her Wedding?

While there are tons of details to consider, we have to start with the most obvious concern for someone who played fashion icon Blair Waldorf for six years: the fashion. Namely, what will our darling Leigh-Leigh wear to wed Seth Cohen? It’s a lot of pressure, but don’t worry girl, we got you.

1. Mad for Plaid
After spending four years at Constance Billard Academy on Gossip Girl, and then starting her own line of haute kilted skirts for fashionable girls, we have a feeling Leighton knows plaid back and forth.

A plaid wedding dress? It might sound crazy to some, but what if it was in shades of ivory and white? Irreverent, just preppy enough to give a nod to her television roots, and it’ll go great with the Seth Cohen-esque argyle suit we’re planning to put Adam in…

2. Very Vera
Leighton was the face of Lovestruck by Vera Wang perfume in 2011, and she did a damn good job of it. With florals and a fresh face, Leigh looked both put together and fancy free, which is exactly how she will likely want to look on her wedding day.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to get married in Vera Wang?

What Will Leighton Meester Wear For Her Wedding?
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3. Hippie Dippy
Since moving to Los Angeles after Gossip Girl wrapped last fall, Leighton has done a 180 with her style. While she was always made up with a classic red or pink lip on GG, she frequently goes makeup-free when off duty. Flowy dresses, cut-offs, and slacker chic have become her M.O. in recent months.

We’re thinking a minimalistic dress could be just what the new Leighton would want — after all, that’s who Adam fell in love with. Simple raw silk or linen, cut to hang comfortably, possibly made by some designer who lives down the street from her, working out of his tiny apartment.

What do you think Leighton Meester should wear for her forthcoming nuptials? Weigh in below!

Adam is MINE!!!

I can't wait for her to get married!

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