Len Needs Fiber! Top 5 OMG Moments of DWTS Season 12, Week 2
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Dancing With The Stars

Len Needs Fiber! Top 5 OMG Moments of DWTS Season 12, Week 2

Emotions are really starting to come out on Dancing with the Stars Season 12. Fighting, crying, kissing, giggling. Is this DWTS or a new version of High School Musical? Here are five memorable moments from Week 2:

5. Kendra cries while insisting she’s a boy

We may need to worry about Kendra Wilkinson. Before the season started a lot of fans thought she was the frontrunner to win. That may have gotten inside her head, ‘cause now she’s stressing out — about her own gender. We never thought any of Hugh Hefner’s exes would get confused on that point, but Kendra insists she’s more of a tomboy than a girlie girl. She doesn’t feel beautiful. She cries when saying everyone thinks she’s a confident Playboy girl but she’s not. She does sniff her pits a little too often, but she’s definitely a giggly girl who likes talking about her chesticles and booty, so we think she’s being too hard on herself. Time for a self-esteem upgrade, stat!

4. Carrie Ann and Bruno act like 8 years olds

What did Bruno Tonioli say right before he covered his mouth and slapped five with Carrie Ann Inaba? It was all while Len Goodman was talking, during their critique for Hines & Kym. Carrie Ann had made her odd “fffft” comment that even she couldn’t interpret. Bruno made some remark to the audience, then covered his mouth as if he didn’t know his mic was on. He and Carrie Ann had a giggle fit about it and Tom told them they were like 8 year olds. We love when the judges get feisty and it’s especially fun when the kids tease Papa Len. But what did Bruno say?

3. Mark defends his Jive choreography ... in a slight British accent.

Mark Ballas grew up partly in London and his mother Shirley is British. Every so often Mark has a bit of a British accent and it’s been coming out a lot lately. In the Celebriquarium after his creative Jive with Chelsea Kane, he lists all of the Jive moves he did incorporate into his routine. Mark is a pro and would never pick a fight with the judges, but when asked to discuss his routine, he’ll defend it — as he should.

2. Kirstie kisses Maks

Heck yeah! During their On the Red Carpet interview last week, Kirstie said the boob bounce in their Cha-Cha-Cha had been Maks’s idea. So it made sense to think that the kiss at the end of their Quickstep was also Maks’s idea. But Kirstie said it was a spontaneous thing and on Tuesday we heard Maks say backstage that he just wants warning next time when she wants to do something like that — but only so he can participate! Did she get lucky or what?

1. Len vs. the pros and the judges and the audience

It was only a matter of time before Len got cranky. To his credit, he made it through Week 1 without too much strain, other than cringing when Bruno flailed around. But on Week 2 it was time for Len to lay down the law — and not everyone was having it.

The audience booed as Len criticized Sugar Ray Leonard, so he tells them to talk to the hand. He asks, rhetorically, if anyone thinks he wants to criticize one of his sporting heroes. Anna immediately pipes up with “Yes!” which elicits some shocked “Oooohs” from the audience. She’s not one to stay quiet. After Bruno and Carrie Ann challenged Romeo’s routine, Len told them it’s no wonder we have global warming with all of their hot air.

He’s really had it by the time we get to Ralph’s Jive. The audience loves it, but Len just thinks it’s OK. Everyone boos in protest and Len tells them to shut up, even rising from his chair, gazing across the audience to … someone in particular? Tom has a suggestion for Old Cranky: “Fiber.”