Lena Headey Speaks Out About Game of Thrones Rape Scene
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Lena Headey Speaks Out About Game of Thrones Rape Scene

The one person whom we hadn’t heard from during the controversy surrounding Game of Thrones rape scene in Season 4, Episode 3 had been Lena Headey (Cersei), which seemed like a big oversight given that her character was the victim in the situation. But now Lena is finally sharing her opinion on the matter.

Speaking to Gold Derby in a video you can watch here, Lena seemed very aware of the sensitivity around the subject. “This is a really tricky one because, you know, either way, anything I say I’m going to get slaughtered for,” Lena said when asked about the scene.

“It’s a very complicated moment for many reasons, and what I will say about it is, from my stance as an actor who’s had this character for three years, four years, who knows her intimately, you know, you're standing as a woman in absolute grief, in pain that she’s never felt before [over the death of her son]... And it becomes very messy. And there’s lust, and desperation, and, you know, a need to feel something other than this searing, empty loss.

"So that’s where I came from when we were filming. There was this need and it wasn’t right and yet it felt great and yet it wasn’t right, and it played out the way it did. And I was really happy with it... My intention was there, and I think people’s reactions are right, and opinions are varying.”

It sounds as if Lena doesn’t really consider the scene to be rape, but as if Cersei was on board with what transpired, even though she considered it wrong. While that may have been Lena’s intent, at least the editing of the scene gave another impression.

Lena ultimately stands by the scene though, and believes it was the right move for Jaime’s character. “I stand by it absolutely,” Lena reveals. “I think that it’s an interesting turning point for Jaime’s character. Massively, because we’ve kind of despised him. You know, he killed a f — ing child while shagging his sister. And then we fell in love with him again. And now...this greatly divided scene has happened and it’s getting people talking and bringing up important, important conversations.”

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Source: Gold Derby