Lennie James Stars in New TV Series — What About Morgan on The Walking Dead Season 5?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    
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The Walking Dead

Lennie James Stars in New TV Series — What About Morgan on The Walking Dead Season 5?

Dang it, every time we turn our backs on Lennie James, he ends up further away from The Walking Dead.

It’s always good to see Lennie on TV, but we’d prefer it to be as Morgan on TWD, not as some guy named Glen Boyle in a 13-part medical series called Critical, which went into production in February and is set to premiere in 2015 on the UK station Sky 1.

According to Sky, Lennie will lead an ensemble cast, so it doesn’t sound like a small guest role. And since it also sounds like it’s set in the UK, it’s probably not the kind of thing where Lennie can just pop over to Atlanta to shoot TWD scenes. So does this mean bad things for Morgan’s involvement in Season 5, which was never confirmed, just hoped for?

We thought Morgan would return in Season 4, but that was a miscommunication. It would make sense for Morgan to join Season 5, which is now filming, since it fits with his storyline in the comics. In the books, Rick, Abraham and Carl go back to Rick’s hometown as a detour from the Washington, D.C. mission and come across Morgan, who joins the group. They already remixed that move back in Season 3, but they could revisit Morgan or find a new way to get him back in the fold.

Showrunner Scott Gimple has said he’s “absolutely certain” Morgan will return to TWD. In his semi-recent interview with Larry King, Scott was asked, “Will we see Morgan again?” He answered, “I am so determined to make that happen by hook or by crook. I can definitely say yes."

Lennie James Stars in New TV Series — What About Morgan on The Walking Dead Season 5?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

TheWalkingDead.com issued a poll, asking fans when they think Morgan will return, and 50 percent of voters chose "Second half of Season 5." The second most popular guess, with 36 percent, was "First half of Season 5." Eight percent chose “Season 6,” three percent guessed "Later than Season 6," and four percent gave up completely, voting "Never."

We were down with the second half of Season 5 guess, after Rick’s group got out of Terminus, but what if this TV show complicates that? It takes TWD from May to November to shoot 16 episodes, so it may take Critical close to as long to shoot their 13-part series.

Critical was created Jed Mercurio (Line of Duty, Bodies) and it will tell one story, in one place, in one hour — “a real-time medical and emotional roller-coaster ride in which every second counts during the most life-threatening hour of a patient's treatment.” Lennie told Sky, "The chance to work with Jed again and to come home to be part of such an exciting and ballsy project was too good an opportunity to turn down."

Come on, Scott, give him an even better opportunity with us!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Sources: Sky, Wales Online

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