Lesley Murphy on Her Girls Trip With Catherine Lowe and Being Inspired by Eric Hill  — Exclusive
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Lesley Murphy on Her Girls Trip With Catherine Lowe and Being Inspired by Eric Hill — Exclusive

Imagine making an entire career out of traveling the world, crossing off things on your bucket list, and writing about it? Well, Bachelor 17 alum Lesley Murphy is living that reality. The lucky gal just launched her own travel blog, The Road Les Traveled, and she’s basically living the dream. It’s fine, we’ll just be over here daydreaming in our cubicles..

We got over our jealousy of Lesley long enough to catch up with her for a Wetpaint Entertainment exclusive, where she dished all on her inspiration for the jetsetting site — Bachelorette 10’s Eric Hill gets some credit — how her current travels differ from the “trainwreck” of The Bachelor, and the exciting plans she has coming up with BFF Catherine Lowe!

Wetpaint Entertainment: How did you get the idea to start a travel blog?

Lesley Murphy: After The Bachelor, I was working as a manager at a luxury hospitality marketing company in Buenos Aires. After about 10 months, I figured it was time to go off on my own and start my travel blog. I’d been traveling for a year so I had a ton of content to go off of.

How does your travel experience compare to that from when you were on The Bachelor?

Traveling on The Bachelor was a ton of fun, but it was a trainwreck at the same time. At the biggest, we were traveling with 13 girls, not to mention the staff and the crew. There were a ton of mishaps, with so many people and luggage. Now it’s easier because it’s either just me or me and my boyfriend and we have freedom, we’re not watched over by the Bachelor staff.

Lesley Murphy on Her Girls Trip With Catherine Lowe and Being Inspired by Eric Hill  — Exclusive
Credit: Instagram    

You’re based in Buenos Aires right now, but will you travel many other places?

Buenos Aires is such a great and easy hub in South America to get around to other cities. The blog may seem South American-focused at the moment, but that’s just because I’m just starting out and I’m based in South America. I’m actually going to be in the US and doing some press for hotels now for about two and a half weeks. I even have an upcoming trip with Catherine Lowe!

Tell us more about this trip with Catherine!

We’re going to be traveling together to Miami in the beginning of September, and we’ll be staying in some apartments there and doing some press. There will be a lot of fun pictures over social media, and a follow-up blog, as well.

Will Sean tag along, or is this just a girls trip?

Definitely a girls trip. I think [Bachelor 17’s] Daniella McBride and Robyn Howard are going to come, as well. It’ll be kind of a reunion. Sean wasn’t invited, sadly. I don’t know how he’d feel about having a reunion with us girls anyway.

Your Bucket List reminded us of Bachelorette 10’s Eric Hill, who passed away in the midst of his travel project. Were you at all inspired by his work?

Absolutely. When I heard his story on Andi’s season, I was immediately intrigued. He seemed like such a unique guy, and I’m drawn to people who love to travel. I began to do some research and tried to contact whoever runs his website. They were very open to anyone who has ideas or wanted to help out. That’s partially why I’m doing the whole travel blog, because I think travel is so beneficial. It expands your thinking and your mindset. I could tell he thought about it the same way.

Are you excited for Lesley and Catherine’s trip? Where do you want to see Lesley travel? Sound off down below!