The Bachelor 17\'s Lesley Murphy: Where Is She Now?
The Bachelor 17’s Lesley Murphy: Where Is She Now?
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The Bachelor 17’s Lesley Murphy: Where Is She Now?


Much like Carmen Sandiego, The Bachelor 17 contestant Lesley Murphy is traveling the world as an international woman of mystery. This goldilocks has been living the fab life since being rejected by Sean Lowe and his pulsating abs, and in the past year she's made two huge moves. First, Lesley packed up her bags and ditched D.C. for Los Angeles (presumably to get away from Chris Bukowski — kidding!), and then she decided that The City of Angels wasn't quite up to snuff and hightailed it over to Argentina. You know, as ya do.

Lesley's currently living and working in Buenos Aires, and the best part? She's shacked up with her boyfriend, Wade, with whom she's "very much in love." Turns out Wade is from Dallas (much like Sean Lowe… twinsies!), so we're thinking Les has a type.

In other news, Lesley is still in touch with her sister-friends form The Bachelor, and even showed up to Sean's fiancée, Catherine Giudici's bachelorette party! These two are fast friends despite the fact that they swapped spit with the same beef cake (note: Lesley tagged a photo of herself and Catherine with the caption "This isn't weird at all"), and you better believe Les will likely make an appearance at Catherine and Sean's upcoming televised wedding in January.

Are you shocked that Lesley left the USofA for Argentina? Guess this is what happens when Sean Lowe breaks up with you. You're forced to flee the nation.

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