Lessons in Chicken and “Cheaties”: OMG Moments From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 2
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America's Next Top Model

Lessons in Chicken and “Cheaties”: OMG Moments From ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 2

We should just give in and call them OMBee Moments, right? Sigh. Check out the top five from the most recent episode of America's Next Top Model.

5. The "cheaties" come with restrictions.
Tyra and nutritionist Heather Bauer spoke with the girls about choosing the right "cheatie" foods on days of indulgence, which seems to slap everything that’s great about cheat days right in the mouth. If you're supposed to pick the waffle and peanut butter over the bagel with cream cheese, when do you get to eat the bagel? And what about the Doritos? Is that never?

4. If only Alexandria had cooked the chicken!
This was the first big fight, and to be honest, it was kind of a dud. Monique and Jaclyn were so grossed out by Alexandria’s covered bowl of marinating chicken in the fridge that they left it uncovered on the counter. “We were just showing you that it was in there,” Monique said. Effective. We’re not sure why Dalya got involved in this, but she and Alexandria basically had it out over how chicken should be stored. It all ended with Alexandria saying she pities Dalya, which went much further in securing her position as the bad guy in the house than the actual chicken did.

3. Sketch and argue with your biggest insecurity. The reward is pretty earrings.
Let’s put Ondrei’s situation aside for a second, because that was legitimately sad and uncomfortable to watch. Instead, let’s focus on how unintentionally ridiculous the rest of this scene was. We can see how confronting one’s inner critic is important and cathartic, but we were surprised by how many of these inner critics were angry meteorologists. Lots of black clouds, rainbows, and lightning everywhere. The sketches themselves and Eugene the Acting Coach's combativeness made it difficult to appreciate the genuine emotion conveyed. And then the jewelers walked out with gift bags, and we were really, really confused.

2. Ondrei says goodbye.
It was a pretty jarring when Ondrei casually revealed over pizza that one of her brothers was killed in a car crash and the other was murdered. Some of the other girls questioned why she would come into the house after two losses like that, but is it so surprising that maybe she wanted an escape? Ironically, the exercise that was supposed to improve everyone’s modeling skills was the final straw for Ondrei. Her wounds were too fresh to continue on, and she bid farewell at panel.

1. "This is serious mode now. We’re actually letting the bees out."
Most of what we know about bees we learned from the end of My Girl, so we probably don’t have the best perspective on the topic. ("He can see without his glasses!") But even if these bees didn’t sting, it still can’t be the best feeling when the make-up artist says, “Can someone stand next to her and make sure no bees go in her mouth?” Just watching them crawl over everyone’s ears was enough to make us not want to hang out around a bunch of bees ever again.

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