Lessons in Kissing Stalkers: Top 5 OMG Moments, ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 6
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Lessons in Kissing Stalkers: Top 5 OMG Moments, ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 6

Was it just us, or did it feel like last night's episode (ANTM Cycle 16, Episode 6; March 30,2011) was in a bad mood? Here are the Top 5 OMG Moments from “Sonia Dara.”

5. Molly got a little pouty.

We don’t know just yet the full effects of The Great Weave Tragedy of 2011. It may lay dormant inside all of us for years and then show itself when we’re at our most vulnerable. At the very least, it has a secure spot on all future Worst Makeovers lists. But when Molly whined to Tyra about the hair again, and also threw in something about being hungry, we could kind of see where Kasia was coming from about the excessive complaining. Tyra said she would have the weave removed, and the weave was removed. Done. What gave this moment more edge was Molly’s sarcastic rant later in the episode about Kasia going to dinner with a bunch of boring people. Be happy! You have your head back.

4. Jay really wanted to be the only one doing his job this week.

Getting four girls to position their bodies correctly for a group photo is tricky, and so when Jay asked Kasia to place her arm around Molly’s shoulders, he wasn’t too thrilled when Alexandria asked her to move it. “Mr. Jay instantly thought that I was directing,” she said. Mmmhmm. Cause that’s what it was. Maybe she really doesn’t mean to take control, but if you’ve already been accused 35 times of interfering with shoots, wouldn’t you just keep a low profile? We did laugh, though, when Brittani said, “Alexandria, she’s not reformed at all,” as though she was up for parole last night.

3. Tyra did all of her lesson plans in one day.

Tyra’s class on fame was like a page of words with no punctuation. Without any clear transitions, she went from archetypes to fan boundaries, from autographs to the dangers of the Internet. We suppose each topic has some relevance to the models’ lives, especially now that the show’s airing, but as Tyra slowly wrote her name on the dry-erase board and said, “Sometimes, I add a ‘B’,” we couldn’t help but wonder whether it would have been better if Karolina Kurkova came back and made smoothies again instead.

2. Maybe now people will be asking James for his autograph.

What happened here? Did the producers encourage this guy? Pay him to act strangely? Whatever the case, Monique passed what could have been the greatest kiss of her life onto an unsuspecting Alexandria, who played the “I have a strong and scary boyfriend” card before giving James a peck on the cheek. When Miss J reprimanded Alexandria for encouraging the stalker they provided, she asked, “What happens when someone else tells that person that I would do that?” Well, you don’t prove them right for one thing.

1. Hebron, IL is finally known for something other than basketball.

“Kiss my a**.” “This is a f***ing joke.” “I’m sick of my life.” Ah, the sweet poetry of Monique. She cracked in this episode and at one point looked ready to demand recognition from anyone (except James). Her attitude at the autograph signing, however, underscored why that didn’t happen: She didn’t want to put in any of the work. Are some of these challenges ridiculous? Sweet Fierce Eyes, yes. But Kasia managed to suck it up and got a delicious dinner out of it.


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