Let the Grownup Games Begin! Our Dream Cast for Bachelor Pad Season 2
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Let the Grownup Games Begin! Our Dream Cast for Bachelor Pad Season 2

This cast is crucial. The first season of Bachelor Pad was a shameless cheesefest, but it was also a test run. Turns out, it wasn’t about love or money. It was about flirting, fighting, and freaking out over crazy people like Elizabeth Kitt. A standard has been set, and ABC must maintain it for Bachelor Pad 2. Without further ado, here are the eight men and eight women we want to shake our heads over this summer.

Let the Grownup Games Begin! Our Dream Cast for Bachelor Pad Season 2
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Kasey Kahl
Kasey is an all-in kinda guy. The contestant from Ali Fedotowsky’s season of The Bachelorette knows everyone thinks he’s crazy for the singing and the tattoo and the “guard and protect” stuff. So what does he do? He amps it up! That’s what we love about him. He’s a big-hearted flirt, and Bachelor ladies can’t get enough attention: He may end up getting lucky here! Or he may annoy the crap out of everyone.

Vienna Girardi
Vienna — the much-hated winner of The Bachelor Season 14 — is definitely keeping herself in ABC’s eye for a reason. We know she wants to be the Bachelorette, but she’s a better fit for the kiss-with-one-eye-open treachery of BP. She could be the new Natalie Getz, hooking up left and right and taking her connections to the end.

Justin “Rated-R” Rego
Everyone seems to think this Bachelorette Season 6 contestant/wrestler is hot. No one seems to think he’s sincere. He has an anything-to-win attitude, which is a great combination for this show.

Michelle Money
We still want this cray-zay Bachelor Season 15 contestant as the Bachelorette, and she’s already said she wouldn’t do BP, but she’s gotta come back to us! She’s so good for soundbites and drama. We had Michelle Kujawa on BP 1, but this Michelle is a definite upgrade. She’d probably fight with every girl in the house and drive all the boys mad.

Let the Grownup Games Begin! Our Dream Cast for Bachelor Pad Season 2
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Madison Garton
The sexy vampire girl was actually one of the sweeter and more emotionally stable women on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor. She’s a gorgeous actress, like Michelle Money, and a lot of guys seem to think the fangs are hot. Kasey Kahl would probably go insane over her.

Graham Bunn
Graham is the Kiptyn Locke of The Bachelorette Season 4. He’s insanely good looking and he’s a philanthropist who would use the $250,000 for good. Plus, we’d get to see him shirtless again. Yes, we’re that shallow. Deal.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy
OK, so Maks has never actually been on the American Bachelor or Bachelorette, but the Dancing With the Stars pro just finished a stint as the Ukrainian Bachelor and it didn’t seem to go too well. The “bad boy of the ballroom” tells it like he sees it, and he’d probably fight with at least one person in the house. We think he should team with Michelle Money. They would be the new Bonnie and Clyde — ruthlessly sexy.

Tanner Pope

This Bachelorette Season 5 contestant is also known as “the guy with the foot fetish.” Since girls go around barefoot all the time on BP, Tanner would have a blast. He could rate the women by feet and they could be offended enough to throw him into a pool, then vote him out. Then again, he and Vienna might hit it off. Have they tried already?

Jillian Harris
We need a “sweetheart” to root for right off the bat — and the Season 4 Bachelorette is another one who would use any winnings for good. Everyone likes her, and she’s not really a threat to anyone. She could capitalize on her I’m-just-a-sweet-little-thing charms to get to the end. We’d like her to partner with Madison. Why not? Why can’t two women get to the end as a platonic team? Girl power!

Let the Grownup Games Begin! Our Dream Cast for Bachelor Pad Season 2
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Jake Pavelka
If Vienna is in the house, Season 14 Bachelor Jake should be there too. Because Bachelor Pad is all about drama and the signature drama of Bachelor land is Jake + Vienna. (Brad + DeAnna and Jason + Melissa just aren’t cutting it anymore.) Besides, someone needs to — hand chop! — interrupt Jake when he gets into speech mode, and we know Vienna is good for that.

Rozlyn Papa
If Maks and Michelle don’t hook up, Maks and Rozlyn might. And then Michelle and Rozlyn would probably fight. It would be the sexiest love triangle ever. Jake was never comfortable around Rozlyn to begin with, so to have the Season 14 contestant back — in all her confident hot-chick wonder — would throw him off his game even more. That’d be fun to watch.

Erica Rose
The tiara queen from The Bachelor: Rome is the original Vienna Girardi. And there can be only one. Unless they team up...

Andy Baldwin
He’s the current leader in our poll of the Hottest Bachelor of All Time. Would the cute U.S. Naval Officer go on such a shady show? What if the show were made less shady to suit his needs? He’s another humanitarian who would use any winnings for good, and he’d be a favorite to win from the get-go — meaning everyone would try to vote him out early. But if he partners with Graham, their philanthropic hotness might blind the other contestants enough to let them sail to the end.

Shawntel Newton
The world’s hottest funeral director is also a calm, rational, emotionally stable person — a rarity in the Bachelor world. She’d probably be a good shoulder for the Season 2 Tenley-type to cry on. We think she’d be cute with Andy or Graham; she can be the wild card in their trio.

Trish Schneider
Trish was labeled a gold-digging stalker on Jesse Palmer’s Bachelor Season 5, but she says she just got a bad edit. Sometimes BP actually helps people redeem themselves a bit (see David Good), so this could be an opportunity for Trish to show us a different side. Or she could just claw everyone's eyes out and take the money for herself.

Chris Lambton
Yeah, the Bachelorette Season 6 fan favorite is already dating BP Season 1 alumnus Peyton Wright, but you can go on this show just for the money. (Ask Gwen Gioia. Don’t ask Gia Allemand.) Chris is a guy’s guy who would probably love hanging out with a bunch of alumni. He’s well liked by both genders, so he’d be a big threat to win. But since he’s already taken, girls might not fight too hard to keep him.

And for co-host … Reid Rosenthal
Bachelorette Season 5 fan favorite Reid is dating a former Miss USA and he’s doing real estate stuff in Philly, so it’s doubtful he would get on board for love or money. But he’s expressed interest in hosting, and it’d be cool to give him a gig on Bachelor Pad. Technically the show doesn’t need a co-host, but whatever. Most of the time The Bachelor doesn’t even need one host, but we’re fond of our Rosemaster.

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