”Let’s Get Wastey Pants” Top 10 Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 3
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”Let’s Get Wastey Pants” Top 10 Quotes From Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 3

This week's episode of Jersey Shore, Season 5, Episode 3: “Dropping Like Flies,” involved a lot of musical beds and a lot of drinking away the pain of Vinny's departure. So, while we're left without the prowess of Vincenzo's one liners this week, it's only natural that 50% of our Top Ten Quotes from last night's episode come from drunk Meatballs, right? Check it out:

1. Snooki, on coping with Vinny's departure: "Let's just get wastey pants!"
For the record, she didn't even get this gem out herself before cracking up in the confessional.

2. Deena Nicole: "You know it's bad when I'm the sober one."
We've heard the many signs that the apocalypse is nigh this season, so we'll just tack this one onto the list.

3. Pauly D, to the drunk, half-naked Meatballs: "Holy nipple slip!" The Situation: "What corner were you workin', yo?"
Aww, they're like real siblings! Only creepier.

4. JWOWW, re: Deena's effed weave: "Did you fall...?" Snooki: "No, she just danced her ass off."
Duh, judgey pants!

5. Deena, re: her effed weave: "My identity is tearing off of me at this point. How the f*ck are you gonna tell a guidette apart without her extensions?"
That's one for the CSI team for sure, Dee.

6. Pauly D, to the cab operator: "Hi. How are you? How's the kids? They must be in bed now, huh? Can I have a cab?"
The rapport these Jersey Shore kids have established with the local businesses is really astonishing.

7. Deena: "I know I'm not the smartest crayon in the box, but this isn't rocket scientist! We can make a party!"
Sounder logic we never heard. A firmer grasp of the English language, we have.

8. The Situation: "I'm like a house with no legs right now, you know? I'm like, not sturdy."
No, we got it, Mike.

9. Snooki: "Ugh, my ass is like protruding."
Upon being asked to use the word in a sentence, she replied, "My ass is like, protruding, because I just had anal sex." Yep.

10. JWOWW: "I'm just like, tone deaf and stupid when it comes to Mike at this point."
Is it wrong that this sentiment makes perfect sense to us?

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