Lex Medlin Fills Us in on Drop Dead Diva’s Upcoming Season 6 Drama (VIDEO)

Celebified caught up with Lex Medlin, one of the stars of Lifetime's smash dramedy, Drop Dead Diva, where he gave us the latest scoop on season 6 including juicy relationship news about Jane and Grayson, and Stacy and Owen!

"It kind of implied that [Jane] is going to finally end up with Grayson," says Lex. "I'm kind of curious to see, if it does go that route, to see how those two are going to finally going to be together, how that's going to work. I'm curious to see what the heck's gonna happen to Owen, you know? I don't want him to be alone! I want him to be happy. So yeah, it's going to be really interesting."

Lex really doesn't know that much more than we do? It appears so! "They kind of ended it with, they were gonna continue forward with him being the daddy of the baby but they didn't say where it was gonna be headed, and I don't know," Lex admits. "Sometimes I can get some clues out of the creator [Josh Berman], and he's been tight-lipped so far this year. But I'll get a glass of wine in him and I'll figure it out."

No word on guest stars, but Lex says he likes being surprised by some of his favorite TV stars. "That's one of the great things about the show for me especially," he gushes, "when you get in the middle of it, you've been there for a couple of months, and you're kind of in the grind and you come to work and Patty Duke is there." Valerie Harper is another favorite of his.

Watch the video for all the details, and let us know what you think will happen on Drop Dead Diva below!

12.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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