Lexi Manzo Flashes Back to “Awkward Stage”: Then and Now!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Lexi Manzo Flashes Back to “Awkward Stage”: Then and Now!

We've all gone through our share of awkward phases while growing up. But not many of us had our adolescences videotaped and aired on national TV for all to witness, as Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo's daughter Lexi has had to endure.

Lexi has really come into her own these days and is becoming a gorgeous gal, but she's not particularly proud of how she once looked. On December 15, she posted a photo to Instagram of her younger self, which is the photo seen to the right on the lefthand side.

"#why #awkwardstage," she captions the throwback photo, which appears to be a video still from RHoNJ.

First of all, we love that Lexi appears to be going back and watching old episodes of herself, which is totally what we would do if we were on TV. Secondly, it's great that Lexi doesn't feel any need to be ashamed about or hide how she once looked.

Of course, there is nothing at all awkward about how Lexi is looking now. Dina posted Lexi's class portrait earlier this month, and it's clear that Lexi's new look is definitely working for her, as you can see in the above photo on the right.

Are you surprised by how dramatically Lexi's look has changed over time?

Source: Lexi Manzo on Instagram