Lexi Manzo Asked Her Date to Prom in a Surprising Way (PHOTO)
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Lexi Manzo Asked Her Date to Prom in a Surprising Way (PHOTO)

It's not often that people get relationship assistance from their hairless cat. However, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo's daughter Lexi Manzo actually turned to the family's feline pal when asking her boyfriend to the prom.

It's that time of year, meaning prom is just around the corner for high school seniors like Lexi. On March 24, Lexi posted a photo that revealed the unusual method she chose for inviting her date to the pivotal dance. The photo show the Manzos' cat, Grandma Wrinkles, with a sign around her neck that reads, "Will you go to PROM with me?" Too cute!

"Thanks for the help grandma wrinkles, he said yes #howdidyouaskyourdatetoprom," Lexi captions the pic.

We think this is an adorable way to ask someone to prom, and we love how creative Lexi is. Plus, we're relived that her date managed to know that it was Lexi and not the cat who wanted to join him at prom.

We recently got to see a pic of Lexi heading out to her senior dance — and getting smooched by her date so we can only imagine that the prom will be just as special!

What do you think of Lexi's method for asking out her date?

Source: Lexi on Instagram